Sea glass:

Glass is made by man from sand, soda and lime.  When it is discarded into the ocean it can be physically shaped by abrasion, textured by chemical processes in the salt water and sometimes even clear glass maybe colored by the sun.  One surprising element of collecting these treasures is that while no two pieces are ever the same, the most common shape is a triangle. The two most important elements of each piece of sea glass are the amount of total wear or rounding of its surface and the color.  Sea glass cannot be reliably dated based just on its wear, it can take up to ten years to develop significant etching and ten to twenty years to round the edges.  Some colors of sea glass are very common, while others are very rare.  Kelly green, brown and white/clear are the most common, the other greens and amber are less common; pink, aqua, the intense blues, citron and purple are rare, while orange, red, black, yellow and grey are extremely rare.


Augmented Glass:  

The joy of "playing with glass" has contributed to the evolving jewelry line:  Glass blowing classes brought about the use of broken "blown" pieces into the jewelry.  Fusing glass in a kiln, which essentially melts pieces together, creating multi colored and layered glass.  Glass coloring with enamels as well as cutting and grinding glass are all aspects of Grondstra Designs Jewelry, always adding natural beach glass to the designs.
A Creation and Collection to Continue!!!!


Glass & Jewelry Care

This jewelry is hand-made with Mother Nature's beach glass and other augmented glass.  Any irregularities are inherent of each piece. To remove tarnish from the silver, simply scratch with a small piece of scotch brite pad. (or, use a q-tip with Tarnex) No need to polish.  Enjoy!